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Charter Booking SW uses the Internet to 1. simplifies the booking process 2. simplifies communications between charter
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25 May 2011

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This is an Internet based application that lets a charter business be run comfortably.

Charter Booking Software uses the Internet to make the booking process very simple. The application runs on a website and an administrative area lets you set up quickly and easily. Customers can send request for booking time for the yacht charter you plan to run. The place could obviously be anywhere in the world. Being on the Internet, geographical location does not pose any problem whatsoever. The application is supported by a database, of course. When client sends a charter request the data is saved in the database. Charter agency can in turn request other charter companies, business partners, by sending emails with a single click. Partners make offers by opening and filling an offer web form by clicking on a link in the mail message.

These offers are stored with unique id and stored in the database again. The end client will be forwarded the offers, for him to choose the best one. Booking is completed by linking the user with the chosen offer. Booking process is simple, practically automatic and the charter agency, the yacht charter companies and the end clients communicate simply and easily. Requests and offers are maintained automatically on the online database. This is really a service offered by that is operating since 1999. The company specializes in renting yachts and organizing yacht charters. They secure the reservations to yachts available through various partners, at most popular yachting destinations. These partners could be tenants as well as owners. The contract partners meet international quality and service standards and thus customers can get good offers at competitive price.

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Charter Booking Booking Software uses the Internet to simplifies the booking process. Placed on your website with an easy to use format and administrative area for you, customers can send request yacht charter. Client send charter reques - charter agency receive charter request email with request data. Request is stored in database. Charter agency can send client request to business partners - charter companies, with just one click on link in email. Each charter company can click on link in received request email and open web form with their offer unique ID, fill out the form on web page and submit his offer. Offer is stored in database and charter agency receives email with offer from each charter company. From charter agency client receives email with offers on his request, choose the best offer and reply to offer email with unique offer ID to charter agency. Charter agency just has to send contract to the client. Value, direct benefits, of Charter Booking SW: 1. simplifies the booking process 2. simple communications between client, charter agency and yacht charter companies 3. automatic maintenance of requests and offers from online database.
Charter Booking SW
Charter Booking SW
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